The Path to Brand Authority: 3 Essential Strategies

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Brand authority is one of those marketing goals that every small business owner strives for whether they are aware of it or not. Though the definition varies, the basic concept is this: when consumers think of your business as more reputable and trustworthy than your competitors, your business has brand authority. In other words, according to Forbes, “If the public accepts a company as a legitimate expert within their field, then we can say the company has brand authority.”

Brand authority goes beyond brand awareness. Just because consumers know about your business, that doesn’t mean that they consider you to be more reputable than your competitors. Achieving brand authority takes time and effort, but investing in the following strategies can help get you there faster.  

Showcase your expertise 

Consumers are going to feel more confident shopping at a business that they believe understands their niche. Your staff may be extremely knowledgeable in your products and industry, but consumers will only know that if they come to your store first. This is where content marketing comes in.  

Content marketing allows your brand to build trust and credibility before consumers set foot in your store. Use the power of blogging and social media to share your knowledge with the world. Answering consumers’ questions before they shop at your business can make them feel like they are in good hands. After all, content marketing generates more leads than traditional marketing and costs 62% less.  

Manage your reputation 

Word of mouth is a powerful concept when it comes to marketing your business. One essential way to improve your brand’s reputation is to make the most of online reviews. Brand authority isn’t all about getting five stars on Google, but it certainly helps to build trust with potential customers. The way you handle reviews is important as well, whether they’re negative or positive. Look to review responses as a way to not just reply to the customer but to showcase your professionalism and expertise as well.  

Partner with influencers 

Influencer marketing can also help to build your brand’s authority. Find influencers in your specific niche whose audience will be more likely to trust what they have to say about you. Working with these influencers can build awareness and trust with their followers, putting you one step closer toward brand authority. Still not sold on influencer marketing? In a 2021 survey, Influencer Marketing Hub reported that 90% of “marketing professionals, brands, and other relevant professionals“ found influencer marketing to be an effective component of marketing strategies.  

Brand authority isn’t something you can build overnight, but putting the right strategies into place now can help to speed up the process. If your business could use some guidance when it comes to building brand authority, we’re here to help. 

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