Why Content Marketing Matters

Content Marketing Matters

You might think that producing great content is not a crucial marketing element for businesses that focus on high-end buyers. After all, doesn’t the product speak for itself? But content marketing is about more than having a great blog. It refers to all the text, images, and videos you use to tell your brand story online.

The luxury buying experience is highly tactile, and many customers will still interact with a brick and mortar store at some point in their journey. But digital content marketing through blogs, social media, and email plays an influential role in the shopping journey. Luxury buyers are aspirational – they are looking for the products that help them get the status, appearance, or experiences they desire. Content marketing helps them discover how your brand or product can meet their aspirations.

Improve Brand Reputation

Through quality content, you are building trust with your consumers. 78% of customers prefer getting to know a company through articles rather than through ads. When they encounter helpful and engaging content, they begin to recognize your brand wherever they find it. A high-end audience is looking for brands and products that help them achieve their desired lifestyle. Your content can help them discover the experiences they want to have.

Influence Conversations and Build Relationships

Through content marketing, you start a conversation with your customers about topics that matter to them. According to Luxe Digital, affluent consumers are ready to spend more on luxury brands who tell a compelling story that customers can relate to.

Improve SEO

Businesses that have more blog posts have more pages to be searched and indexed. This increases the likelihood that content from your brand will show up in a potential buyer’s online search. Plus, when people visit your site and find other engaging content that relates to them, they stay on your site longer, which in turn increases your ranking in the SEO results.

Bring in New Leads

Content marketing costs 62% less than other forms of advertising and generates three times as many leads for your business. Increasing your social media presence and creating quality content work together to increase foot traffic into your store. Great content lets them know that you can give them what they are looking for. In fact, 80% of all luxury sales are influenced in some way by what consumers saw online.

Showcase Your Subject Matter Expertise

Content marketing allows you to position your brand as an expert. For the customers, it’s about more than finding a quality product. They want to know that the people they encounter have the expertise to help them make the right purchase.

Content Supports Other Digital Marketing Strategies

Online ads, blogs, and social media posts without great content fall flat. If your customers can’t learn more about what they are looking for, odds are they won’t be back. 

At Riley & You, we help our clients create quality content for their target audience. We know what is important to you as a premium brand and what matters to your audience. We also know that many small businesses may not have the resources to employ a full-time content marketing team. Let us come alongside you to help you use content marketing to achieve your business goals!

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