3 Tips for a Stronger, More Effective Customer Experience

Stronger, More Effective Customer Experience

From online research to in-person visits, today’s customer journey is more complex than ever before. With so many new technological advancements, businesses have an even greater number of opportunities to create and maintain relationships with consumers. While customer service plays a significant role in developing these relationships, today’s consumers require more than just a positive interaction. They’re looking for an experience that goes above and beyond.

We’ve discussed what customer experience (CX) is and why it matters, but developing and implementing an effective strategy might not be as easy as it sounds. When it comes to CX, there’s almost always room for improvement, and the more you review and tailor your approach, the greater the results will be. Here are three key factors to think about as you implement or review your CX.

Put people before tech

Automation and other technological advancements can increase efficiency, but the fact of the matter is that strong customer relationships require a human connection. Founder, CEO, and coCMO of CabinetM Anita Brearton points out that “taken alone, (technology) is not valuable. It’s what we do with the technology that is important.” While your business might have been one of the first to adopt a new technology, that doesn’t matter if you aren’t actively developing and strengthening the relationships you have with your customers.

Consistency rules

Today’s consumers have an abundance of methods for contacting businesses. A customer inquiry can come through not just a phone call, but an e-mail, a review, or even a direct message on Twitter. No matter which contact method your customers use, it is essential that they receive the same quality of service as they would elsewhere. But consistency shouldn’t begin and end there. Customer Service and Experience Expert Shep Hyken suggests that good customer service won’t get you anywhere if the products themselves are inconsistent. No matter what it is you’re selling, the customer should feel the same level of satisfaction with each purchase.

…today’s consumers require more than just a positive interaction. They’re looking for an experience that goes above and beyond.

Keep it simple

With so many tools at your disposal to create and build relationships with customers, it can be easy to forget about the value of simplicity. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes when creating and reviewing procedures. Automation can be useful, but don’t overdo it. Customers are only willing to jump through so many hoops before they lose interest in what it is you’re selling. Customer Service Expert Flavio Martins said it best: “every form of interaction should be streamlined to the minimum necessary steps or data entries.”

The truth is that customer expectations are at an all-time high, and you need to meet these expectations in order to make sales and increase brand loyalty. While strong CX is essential to growth and success, Riley & You understands that small businesses may not have the resources or expertise needed to bring a strong strategy to life. If you need a partner to elevate your CX approach, we’re here to help.

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