Aligning Marketing Strategies with Business Goals

Align Marketing Strategies with Business Goals

You have goals for your business related to income, sales, and revenue. You also have goals for your marketing in terms of clicks, likes, and traffic to your store or on your website. But the real question is: Are your marketing strategies working in tandem with your overall business goals? 

Measuring the success of marketing strategies outside of the impact it has on your business seems silly. But it happens all the time. “Look, new page likes! New traffic to the website!” But if those likes and website traffic don’t translate to actual sales, is your strategy really effective? Bright, a strategic marketing consultancy, discovered that 86% of marketers fail to align their marketing needs with their business goals. 

You can’t measure the success of your marketing if it’s not connected to the overall goals for the business. Conversely, you can’t expect your business to consistently achieve its goals if your marketing isn’t working toward the same goals. Aligning your business and marketing goals is an ongoing process that requires excellent communication and detailed planning.

Marketing should build on itself.

Nothing happens in a vacuum, and your marketing plan needs to strategically build toward your business goals. For example, you may get a sudden burst from a single activity or advertising campaign, but this is not the end goal. This also means that a strong marketing campaign in one quarter may not yield measurable results until the following quarter. Even if a time lag exists, this activity should be used to build toward other outcomes for your business. Forward progress takes time to build and does not come from a single burst of activity. 

Setting goals and objectives is key.

You have seen success when all the different parts of your business work together to achieve the same goals. Effective goal setting saves time and money. It’s no different with your marketing team. In digital marketing, you have new information coming in all the time about what strategies are working with your target audience. But if you make changes based on this info, you can slowly lose sight of your goals.

You can’t measure the success of your marketing if it’s not connected to the overall goals for the business. 

That’s why it’s important that your marketing team understands your goals and continually aligns their strategies so that the outcomes will be reflected in your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) over time. 

Create a great customer experience.

When your goals are aligned with your marketing strategy, you all work together to create great experiences for your customers. Ideally, you have figured out how to map the customer’s journey in order to create a seamless experience for them. From learning about your products to resolving issues that arise post-purchase, you all work together to make sure your customer walks away with a great experience. When customers have a positive experience, they come back and refer their friends, which results in business growth for you. 

When your marketing aligns with your business goals, the potential for your business success increases. At Riley & You, we know that small businesses have trouble maintaining in-house marketing teams in addition to all the other things you are doing to make your business run. We want to come alongside you as your marketing team, and we are constantly communicating with you to understand your brand and analyzing results from marketing campaigns to make sure that we are supporting your goals. Let us do your marketing so that your business can start growing! 

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