The Power of a Great Headline: Using the Curiosity Gap to Sell

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One of the most important elements of digital marketing is writing a great headline or email subject line. It makes your audience want to open the email or click to read more. It prompts them to take the next step toward making a purchase. It’s an essential component of your marketing campaign, but it can also be very difficult to craft.

The key to creating a successful digital marketing campaign is the headline or subject line. You need to know your audience and know what works best. The most popular types of headlines are list posts, how-to posts, resource posts, question posts, and heart to heart posts. Effective headlines give the subject, but also make your audience want to find out more.

At Riley & You, we have the experience and the time to help you craft the right message. We know that you don’t want to use cheap clickbait headlines because they chase clicks and gossip without fulfilling content. They’re written for scanners rather than readers. But they are effective because they open the curiosity gap and make your audience curious about finding the answer. There are ways to open the curiosity gap without the bait and switch, and we know how to make them curious and lead them to real knowledge that comes from an expertyou.  

At Riley & You, we also take the time to track the results. We don’t chase clicks that make it look like the campaign was successful. We focus on click-through rates for emails, blog titles, and Facebook ads in order to understand which style of headline is the best for connecting your audience to your content. Then we adjust the messaging to fit what works for them.

If you have been discouraged with your email marketing open and click-through rates, the problem may be in your subject line. We know that email is still a powerful marketing tool because it is the only digital platform where you have complete control of your message and don’t have to compete with an algorithm for market share. In fact, many people prefer that companies contact them through email, and it has a great ROI.

At Riley & You, we can help you harness the power of headlines. You may have great content, but if your reader doesn’t connect with your subject line, you won’t see the results you want. Contact us today to learn how our team can help you take your digital marketing campaign to the next level.

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