Email Isn’t Dead: Don’t Underestimate the Power of the Inbox

Social media has become all the rage. Everyone has a Facebook page and a Twitter account, or even Instagram and Snapchat. Many companies have increased their search advertising and online ads. But what if you are missing one of the most powerful digital marketing tools available to you? What if there was another format that could take a $10 investment and turn it into $4,000 in sales?

Email. It’s the only digital platform where you have complete control of your message. You control who gets it, when they get it, and what the message says. It’s one of the things that most people access every day. In a recent survey, 72% of people said they prefer companies to communicate with them via email. You may have heard that Millenials aren’t using email as much, but that research suggests that they prefer email for one-to-one contact and retail advertising.

Email is one of the most effective tools advertisers have to reach their consumers, and it has the highest ROI of any digital marketing channel at a 38-to-1 ratio. Econsultancy reported it as the fastest growing area in digital marketing. However, it’s one of the last line items in the marketing budget. Companies that invest 20% of their marketing budget into email are more than eight times likely to see sales increase by 50% or more.

At Riley & You, we know what it takes to use email as an effective marketing tool, and we have some questions for you:

  • Are you using email effectively? We can shape content that fits your audience and personalize the emails to increase the open rates. We can help you create a survey to ask your consumers how they want to use email and help you tailor your name, subject line, and preview content to make your readers want to open the email.
  • Are you keeping up with the changes in email marketing? One of the biggest changes is ever-changing mobile platforms that affect how your content is viewed. We know how to create and check content across all platforms so that your audience can get your message no matter where they are.
  • Are you measuring the success of your email marketing efforts? We can help you monitor open rates and click-through rates that will help you know what kind of content your audience wants. We use automation tools to help make everything run smoothly and keep track of how your customers are accessing email.

If you are ready to start transforming the power of email into increased sales for your company, we are ready to help. Our experienced project managers know how to make this digital platform work for you, and our team of designers and content creatives has the experience to make great content no matter what kind of business you have.

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