New Year, New You: Refreshing Your Customer Experience for 2022

New Year 2022

The customer experience is ever-changing, and major shifts in retail trends over the past two years have forced small businesses to rethink their strategy. While it may be tempting to continue working from your 2021 marketing playbook, you could be missing out on some significant opportunities if you don’t keep your strategy up to date. After all, 86% of buyers will pay more if their experience goes above and beyond. We’ve put together some key factors to consider as you rethink your customer experience for the new year.  

Look at the Data

What do you already know about your customers, and have their habits or preferences changed over the past year? If you’re collecting the right data, you should be able to gain some key insights to inform your marketing approach for the new year. How is your bounce rate? What pages are getting the most views on your website? What are the demographics of your social media followers? This is all valuable information that can help you keep your customer experience fresh. 

Make it Personal

A survey from GlobeNewswire found that “49% of shoppers made impulse buys after receiving a personalized experience,” and “44% will become repeat buyers after personalized experiences.” One-to-one shopping experiences help to build trust and relationships with consumers, and today’s digital marketing landscape allows for more personalization than ever, from e-mail marketing to live chat. Adding a personal touch to your marketing efforts just might be what you need to turn that one sale into a loyal customer who keeps coming back. 

Give Back

In today’s socially conscious world, many consumers are gravitating towards businesses that stand for what they believe in. This doesn’t mean that your company should make big political statements, but it does mean that giving back to your community and operating in a charitable manner can attract more shoppers who may be deciding between your business or another. In fact, a survey from Feefo shows that 61% of consumers will spend more money on a brand that they feel is socially responsible.

Power up your digital strategy

Today’s customers expect information to come to them almost immediately. The days of calling a shop to check their hours or find out if they carry a certain brand are long gone, and consumers are instead accessing all of the information they need to make a purchase via your website, social media, and other digital channels. The new year is a great time to take stock of your digital strategy thus far and consider what next steps may be necessary to stay ahead of your competitors. 

Is your customer experience working? This is a question that small businesses should ask themselves often, and if it isn’t working, what needs to change to turn those potential buyers into lifelong customers? The digital and retail landscapes are changing faster than ever, but if you take stock of these changes and adjust your strategy accordingly, you can see significant growth. If your business is in need of marketing expertise to drive growth, we’d love to hear from you. 

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