5 Advantages to Hiring a Content Writer

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If content is king, why should you trust it to a content writer? Using someone else to write content for your company can seem counterintuitive. After all, you have some level of knowledge about writing, and you know your business better than anyone. But there can be some big advantages to hiring the right writer.  

Advantage #1 – Allows you to focus on your business. 

If you are not an experienced writer, creating content can be very time consuming. You find yourself spending a lot of time staring at a blank screen. You know what you want to write about, but getting started is often the hardest part. Content writers can keep developing content off your to-do list, and they can produce high-quality writing that is tailored to your success in a short amount of time at regular intervals.  

Advantage #2 – Makes you look professional. 

As a small business, every impression of your brand counts. Grammatical errors and confusing sentence structure in your content sends a message that your brand doesn’t pay attention to the details or value clear communication. A content writer can save you from making these costly mistakes. 

Advantage #3 – Increased connection with your audience. 

The best way to captivate your audience is to create engaging content. A good content writer captures your voice and connects with your audience, whether they are consumers or other businesses. They can also maximize your SEO, reach your target audience, and make any topic sound interesting.  

Advantage #4 – Brings a new perspective to your team. 

Because you are passionate about your business, your writing probably tends to be verbose and complicated. This may cause readers to miss your point completely. Content writers often have a little bit of expertise in a lot of areas, and they learn by researching topics. As an outsider and amateur in your business, they can help you simplify your content so that it is easily digested by your target audience.  

Advantage #5 – Grows your business. 

Recently, Conductor.com researched the impact of educational content on consumer behavior. They found that consumers who read a brand’s educational content were 131% more likely to purchase from that brand. Even though hiring a content writer takes money out of your budget, it can ultimately bring more money in.  

Can your business afford not to have this competitive edge? At Riley & You, we understand the importance of content marketing for small business success. Our team of experts can help your business develop engaging content and so much more. We have a team of experienced professionals already assembled and ready to support your business and grow your brand.

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