Boomers are Booming on Social Media

Boomer couple having breakfast, using laptop

In the past, social media didn’t seem that important for reaching the Baby Boom generation, and your business probably focused your online efforts on younger generations – Gen X and Millennials – and used more traditional marketing tools like television to reach people ages 55 and older. However, as the global COVID-19 pandemic advanced, people turned to online resources to meet their daily needs. The internet became an even more important tool for Boomers who found themselves in a high-risk category for contracting the virus. 

Research backs up this shift. According to Hootsuite, 70% of internet users aged 55-64 have bought something online in the past month, and 37% plan to continue doing so more frequently. Not only are they purchasing more, they are using Facebook to keep up on their hobbies during quarantine. This generation has $2.6 trillion in buying power according to Lexington Law and remains one of the wealthiest generations. 

Here are some of our favorite tips for reaching this audience online:

  • Don’t stereotype. Boomers don’t like to be treated and portrayed as “old people.” That’s not how they see themselves. They gravitate toward businesses that treat them with respect and work hard to help them maintain their active lifestyles. 
  • Use their passions and interests to connect. By focusing on their activities, not just their age, you introduce opportunities for cross-generational interaction as well. Pinterest is a great way to capitalize on this and is the second most popular social media platform for Boomers.
  • Use photos that reflect their generation. People want to see themselves in your material. Even though over 46% of the U.S. population is over 50, only 15% of advertising images portray people in this age group. 
  • Use written content. Boomers value research and most of them will spend time reading your content. Make sure you are giving them lots of information about your project and keeping their needs in mind when you write.
  • Use a variety of voices. Of course, you know that Boomers will listen to people in their own generation. However, you might also want to target their adult children who often make recommendations and sometimes make decisions for their aging parents. Both groups of people can be powerful advocates for your brand.  
  • Make sure Facebook is a part of your plan. This is the platform most Boomers are using. They are more likely to share content on Facebook than any other generation, and over 25% of them are watching video content. 
  • Pay attention to your online reviews. This generation heavily relies on reviews to make purchasing decisions. Make sure you are soliciting positive reviews and doing business in a way that keeps customer satisfaction at the center.

At Riley & You, we want to help you reach this segment of your audience. We have all the tools you need to develop, execute and maintain an effective marketing strategy. You can’t afford to ignore this generation in your online marketing. 

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