4 Tips To Eliminate Ad Waste

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Are your ads wasting money or making money? In our work over the last 12 years in the high-end appliance industry, we have found that many dealers invest a lot of money in advertising that doesn’t create growth. They waste precious marketing dollars on media buys without any concrete way to measure the success or failure of the spend.

Many dealers are still following an old playbook. But digital advertising changed the game on tracking campaign success (or failure) and measuring ROI. With the right tools in place to monitor your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), you can make data-driven decisions on which ads are a good investment and which are wasting money.

Here are four ways we help our clients eliminate ad waste:

  • We aim for a targeted audience. Traditional media like television and print hit broad audiences, and it’s tough to track how effective they are. Unfortunately, this may be a reason many dealers continue to use them: there is no proof that they are working, but there’s no proof that they aren’t either. However, their overall annual growth is probably telling them that they are not working. At Riley & You, when we use traditional media buys, we make sure we target your specific audience and that there are ways to measure the results.
  • We look for customers who are ready to buy. Television and print media buys end up in front of everyone, even people who just bought a new appliance last week. We use digital marketing strategies to put your brand in front of customers who are looking to buy. Targeting, content, and objectives are all designed to turn browsers into buyers.
  • We make ROBO possible. Customers rarely purchase premium and luxury appliances through your website without having set foot in your store. But it is common – even expected – for people to research products online before they walk into your showroom. At Riley & You, we use your online store to drive traffic to your actual store. Research shows consumers often ROBO, or research online, buy offline. High-end buyers still want to come in and touch and feel their appliance options before having them installed in their homes.
  • We initiate engagement through ad content. When your customer sees something they want online, they need to know what to do to get it. We make sure that all your online ads and web pages have clear “next steps” for your customers. We also help our clients create content that is engaging, interesting, and worth sharing. And we use dynamic landing pages to target different sections of your audience.

Our bottom line is that media buys are only valuable when you know how and when to use them. Partnering with Riley & You gives you access to marketing experts focus on your profitability. We can create a marketing plan designed to deliver growth and eliminates waste. Trust us. Your bottom line will thank you.

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