The All-Important, Ever-Elusive Marketing Plan

Every successful venture starts with a well-developed plan, and your marketing plan is no different. As a matter of fact, better planning at the beginning often leads to a better payoff in the end, a dollars and cents kind of payoff.

Based on your marketplace opportunities, your brand alignment, and your strengths, it’s important to build a marketing strategy that reflects your company needs and considers the following elements:

  • Budget planning
  • Goal setting
  • Audience targeting
  • Logo creation and/or brand management
  • Graphic design and creative advertising
  • Online advertising and AdWords management
  • Website and SEO management
  • Promotional product creation
  • Co-op fund management
  • Social media development and management
  • Email Marketing
  • Blog Development and management
  • Media management
  • Professional video and photography services

Riley & You have a team of professionals who can build a complete marketing strategy that will guide your advertising and meet the objectives of your growth plans. We start with initial meetings by phone or via email. Next, we meet in person to discuss the details of your current clients and brand alignment, meet your key people, and identify the challenges and opportunities that are part of your business. Our team then develops a detailed strategy, including the utilization of traditional media and online tools, integrated into one complete plan of growth.

One of our personal marketing consultants helps your company consider all of the elements we have listed above and many more. Riley & You also develops the plan for your comprehensive branding and identity systems to help you see how all the pieces fit together and benefit your company. Our consultant is there for you every step of the way, making sure that your marketing plan is executed flawlessly.

Riley & You not only handle this initial planning, but we also assess how well the strategies are working. We look at the execution of the plan and make follow-up adjustments to ensure that your targeted audience is reached, captivated, and converted into sales that help your company grow and thrive. Let us simplify your workload and grow your business at the same time!

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