Dynamic Landing Pages: How They Help Land More Clients

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The beauty of online advertising is simple: a link to your website gives people a way to learn about your company. A click becomes an easy way to walk in the front door of your business without ever setting foot outside. When done correctly, your online campaign can do something a brick-and-mortar location can’t. Imagine walking into a business where everything you see is displayed specifically for you and exactly what you were looking for. That is the beauty of a Dynamic Landing Page (DLP).

When your online campaign links to your website, everyone who clicks the link sees the same headline, same special offers, and same details about your business. Usually, you try to cram as much information as you can onto each page to appeal to whoever might land there. But with a Dynamic Landing Page, potential customers see a page designed for them and their needs. With help from Riley & You, your business has the option to create different DLPs for different customers. Let’s imagine your ads promote a particular brand. Instead of dropping into a list of dozens of product listings and specs, shoppers land on a DLP that tells that brand’s story and shows what makes their product stand apart. Language and images are selected specifically to engage your target audience, and visitors find what they were looking for quickly and easily. As a bonus, your conversion rates go up.

Dynamic Landing Pages can accomplish the following things:

  • Provide relevant content for each user – Visitors don’t have to weed through everything your business offers to find what they need.
  • Personalized features – Some website tools can feature the visitor’s first name in the headlines on the landing page, including images that relate to his or her personal interests.
  • Speak directly to your target audience – With laser-focused precision, the targeting of your online ads and the content of the Dynamic Landing Page can be adjusted to appeal to specific audiences. Settings can be based on demographic, geographic, or search engine factors.

Let the online marketing experts at Riley & You create DLPs to help you connect and convert your clicks into customers. We have the expertise to help you differentiate your pages, and we know which audiences you need to target. You may not be able to design your business around every customer who walks in your door, but you can create a Dynamic Landing Page for every online customer.

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