An Elevated Holiday Shopping Customer Experience

Holidays are approaching, and shoppers are ready to make purchases. You need to be on your A-Game and be prepared to give your customers a great shopping experience, whether that’s online or in a brick and mortar retail store. It’s not all about holiday deals, for many shoppers it’s the overall experience that can make or break a sale. We have some great pointers that will elevate your customer experience this holiday season.

First Impressions
The tone is set the moment a shopper walks into your store. Now is not the time to make your sales staff do double duty as salesman and door greeter. They need to focus their energy on the additional customers that appear this time of year. Hire greeters to free up your sales staff. They make sure each shopper that walks through the door receives a warm welcome. They help direct the customer to the proper person or area within the store and can alert shoppers to new products, sales products, demos or events you may have going on in your store.

From an online perspective, chatbots take the place of in-store greeters and salesmen. They can be programmed to answer questions regarding products, holiday deals, warranties, shipping, and more. This makes the online shopper feel they are getting a personalized experience.

Gratitude & Appreciation
Your customers could have shopped anywhere, but they chose your store. Show them you appreciate them. Thank them verbally for stopping by whether they bought anything or not. Make sure your greeter thanks everyone who leaves the store. Consider a pre-printed thank you card that you give shoppers with their receipt. The card can do double duty if you include a discount offer for the next time they shop with you, tell them more about your after-sales services or include other messages you’d like shoppers to know about. This translates easily to online sales by including a thank you and discount offer email after their purchase.

Spread Holiday Cheer
These days, a lot of your customer base is shopping online and never sets foot in the store. Use that as an opportunity to get personal across your social media channels. Extend friendly holiday greetings, share end-of-year deals, and market gift ideas through social media. Tag brands that your store carries to reach more people. Make sure your website is updated with available products, deals, and holiday banners.

With the above tips, you should be set to make a memorable impression on your customers and have an amazing holiday sales season. If you’re not sure how to implement An Elevated Holiday Customer Experience or need help with your holiday sales strategy or promotional items, we’re here to help, so just contact us.

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