7 Signs You Need to Refresh and Refocus

When your website first went live, you loved it and thought it was the best thing ever. You watched the number of clicks go up and knew that this was the key to getting to the next level. But now when you go to your website, it doesn’t feel as fresh as it once did and the numbers aren’t as good either. You begin to wonder if your website still matches the direction your brand is heading. But completely overhauling the website just isn’t an option right now.

We have found one thing that can make a big difference on your website: the copy. It is possible to freshen up your copy and give your website a new focus without doing a complete overhaul. At Riley & You, we can help with any step of the process from writing customer-driven content to creating a new website design. If you think your website might need to be refreshed and refocused, ask yourself these seven questions when you visit your website:

  1. Is the copy easy to read? The look of your copy is almost as important as what it actually says. Most people do not read the copy word for word. Online readers are skimming for information. If your copy is not organized with bullet points or shorter paragraphs, your visitors are likely missing a lot of what you are trying to say.
  2. When you make a statement, do you also give a reason? People want to know the facts about your company, but the reasons behind them are also very important. This is where using the word “because” can be very effective. Why did your company win an award for customer service? Why is it important that you respond to calls immediately? Answering these questions can help clients understand more about your brand.
  3. Can you tell who the target audience is? The copy on your website should be written for your target audience. Are you talking about subjects they need to know about? Are you using language that is relatable to them?
  4. Is the content relevant? In today’s market, it is impossible to have a great marketing strategy without also having great content. Great content is not detailed descriptions of your products or a sales pitch to try to get more customers. This is about creating content that makes people want to read it and share it with others. It’s content that answers questions or delivers ideas worth sharing. At Riley & You, we specialize in creating this kind of customer-driven content.
  5. If someone came to your website and liked what they saw, what is his or her next step? Placing this clearly and prominently on your website is very important for turning browsers into customers. Do they need to come into the store? Can they order online? Do you want them to follow you on social media? Because your readers are skimming your website, you need to put your call to action statement in more than one place. If you only put it at the end, visitors to your page might not even see it.
  6. When you look at a competitor’s website and then at yours, is your content unique? If you look like you are copying the competitor or just doing a cheaper version, you need to refresh your copy. We can help you find unique topics and angles that can make your business stand out in the crowd.
  7. When you show the website to someone on your sales team or someone in your target market or a customer, what do they say? This kind of feedback is really important. Your salespeople are closest to your audience, so they get feedback from customers. Some of the best ideas for updates or content can come from the people who are closest to your brand.

If you don’t like your answers to these questions when you look at your website, it may be time to refresh and refocus your site. At Riley & You, we have a proven team that can help you bring your website copy to the next level and make it stand out. Contact us today and see how we can help you love your website once again!

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