Likes: Quality Over Quantity

Hand holding smartphone, like on screen

How many “likes” does your Facebook page have? Do you know that according to a recent study only 1% of those “likes” will actually visit your page? In the ever-changing, algorithm-driven world of Facebook, “likes” alone are not enough to get your content in front of more people. Often the “like” is a brief impression that doesn’t indicate true engagement or even interest. The metric you really need to watch is the number of people “talking about this” because it is a much better indication of actual engagement.

At Riley & You, we know that the organic reach of your Facebook page posts has been dropping because of changes in the Facebook algorithm, and we are finding tried and true ways to give our clients’ Facebook pages new and wider audiences with these three key mindsets.

  • Develop quality content – The key to growing your social media following is to create quality content that your followers not only like, but also want to share with their friends. The followers who turn into customers are the ones who want more than to just be entertained. When you deliver content they value, their engagement goes up.
  • Embrace the give and take – You can’t expect your followers to give you their loyalty unless you give them quality content and respond when they post about your brand. When you demonstrate that quality matters in everything you do, your fans will want to share what you do. They will see that you understand the give and take of the Facebook culture.
  • Think long-term – Winning more followers and “likes” takes more than one really popular post. At Riley & You, we know how to analyze your results so that we can understand why that post was popular and have another one waiting in the wings.

Facebook matters, but when it comes to marketing your business it’s not a popularity contest. You don’t always win just because you have more people who “like” you. The key is to deliver high-quality content by communicating with current and potential customers who are interested in what you have to offer. Riley & You knows how to help you find, reach, and keep your target audience. We have the experience to be able to create the kind of content your followers can’t help but share.

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