E-Commerce is Expanding in Big Ways

How accessible are your products to customers? How many steps or clicks do they have to go through to purchase your product online? Is your product even available online? Nine out of ten consumers turn to social media for help making a purchasing decision, and 75% of people admit that they purchased something just because they saw it on social media. At Riley & You, we want to help your products stand out in social media. Here are just a few of our favorite options available to businesses.

  • Facebook Marketplace – Facebook Marketplace lets you discover, buy and sell items in your community. If you haven’t tried the marketplace icon at the bottom of your Facebook page, open it up and find a whole new world of buying power.
  • Facebook Targeted, Paid Ads – Since Facebook has become a public company and continued to tweak its algorithm, reaching your audience comes at a price. Riley & You can help you know how to use targeted, paid ads on Facebook to promote your products to your target audience. We can also help you keep track of how effective your ads are and make adjustments.
  • Shopify – This integration to business website is an e-commerce platform that has everything you need to sell online, on social media, or in person. Manage your orders, contact customers, track sales trends, and more all on a personalized website.
  • Pinterest Buy Now button – This new feature allows customers to buy your product in just a few taps without leaving Pinterest. Now when people see something they love, the blue price tag lets them know they can buy it (rather than make it).
  • Instagram- CTA buttons and ads – Instagram has recently become much more business-friendly by adding new features that allow you to set up, run and track campaigns the same way you do with Facebook ads. You can also use picture, video, carousel, and stories ads to promote your product.
  • Snapchat – This is the next wave of social media and businesses are starting to pay attention. Ads on Snapchat come in many shapes and sizes to fit your goals, but they all have one thing in common: at Snapchat, the same team that designs the consumer products creates the advertising products, delivering incredible results for advertisers.

Basically the shorter the distance between seeing it and buying it, the better it is for both the producer and the consumer. With mobile purchases on the rise, making goods available faster and easier means more sales for your company. When you can work with platforms that people already see as safe and reliable, you can win over more customers. At Riley & You we keep up with e-commerce trends. We’ll help you utilize social media to gain followers and consumers.

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