Finding Your Best Brand Advocates

Whether you know it or not, you already have brand advocates. A brand advocate is someone who loves your brand and is eager to tell others about it. Sometimes you find them through social media or through your blog or maybe even in real life. But once you find them, do you know how to use them to promote your brand?

In the past, marketing strategies have sought to use online influencers to promote their brands. However, utilizing brand advocates has benefits that influencers do not. For example, brand advocates are actual customers who have already used your product or service and have given it a positive review on social media. They are just average, everyday people who believe in your product. Influencers on the other hand are typically bloggers or celebrities who already have a following online. They are using your brand to build their audience and typically asking for some kind of incentive to do so. Brand advocates often work for free and don’t have a hidden agenda.

In the past, it was relatively easy to control your brand’s image and message. However, this is one area that has drastically changed with the onset of social media. states, “A brand’s reputation is increasingly informed by what others say about it rather than what the brand says about itself. This means marketers need to find new ways to persuade customers and influencers to explain the values and benefits of brands to others.” At Riley & You, we can help you determine and shape how your brand is perceived online.

We know how to find brand advocates and use them to build your brand. We have experience building an online presence that will drive customer engagement. We also help our clients manage their online outlets and respond quickly and efficiently to reviews, both positive and negative. We know that you already have brand advocates, but we also know how to help you find creative ways to engage them in promoting your product.

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