6 Ideas to Connect with Local Customers

Connecting with Customers

You drive by them on your way to work every day. Communities full of people who could be potential customers. They drive by your business and don’t even know what you have to offer. Instead, they are going home and shopping online from businesses that are outside your town and maybe even your country. But how do you connect with the local customers your business is waiting to serve? We have a few fresh ideas.

Special Events

Draw people into your store with a special event that attracts people in your community to your business. Consider partnering with vendors to create an event that everyone can enjoy. For example, our Kitchen Master Series events invite potential customers to local appliance stores to learn about kitchen remodeling from local design experts.

Social Media

Use your Facebook page and Twitter accounts to let your customers know about special events and sales in your store. Our client Merridee’s uses social media to promote their daily specials and weekly events.

Online Advertising

Did you know that you can target potential customers online with specific ads based on their current location? Search marketing ads can have custom ad copy and bids based on customer location and device. Facebook ads can also be targeted to the city or zip code you are trying to reach. Advertisers can even limit their ads to potential customers that live in a specific area, excluding travelers.

Loyalty Programs

A program that rewards local customers is a great way to keep them coming back to you. They have lots of choices, and finding a small way to thank them for choosing your business can make that choice easier. These programs are inexpensive to maintain and require very little time commitment, so they offer a high return for the effort you put in.

Partnerships with Other Local Businesses

You both want the same thing: local customers. Why not work together? You can double your promotion efforts and double your market reach. Plus your customers will thank you for introducing them to other quality businesses that they need.


Local schools or sports teams also make great partners for promoting your business. Being strategic about placement can keep your company front-of-mind for your local customers who need what you have to offer.

It’s time to connect with your local community so that your neighbors can benefit from the quality products and services you offer. If you are ready to try some of these ideas but don’t know how to make them work, call us at Riley & You. We have a team of experts who are ready to help you connect with your community.

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