Brand Values: The Key to Connecting with Consumers

People buy from people they trust

What does your brand stand for? If you don’t have an answer to that question, there’s a good chance you’re not connecting with a large portion of your audience. In a study by Harvard Business Review, 64% of consumers stated that their brand relationships are influenced by shared values. In fact, the study showed that shared values was “far and away the largest driver” in brand relationships. 

Explore and gather insight into how you can identify your brand values and incorporate them into your marketing strategy to begin connecting with a wider audience.

Define Your Brand Values

Today’s consumers want to know what your brand’s core beliefs are. Begin by asking yourself what impact you want your brand to have on your industry and the world. Salsify reports that 46% of consumers will pay more for brands they trust. If a consumer can identify with the values of your brand, they may see your business as more trustworthy than your competitors. When you earn a customer’s trust, you are also one step closer to building brand loyalty.

Think beyond the sale. What beliefs allow your business to stand out from competitors? Is your business family-owned? Lean into how that “family first” mindset makes your business so special. Are you supportive of the community you serve? Consider the ways in which your company can show appreciation to that community. Do you offer products or services that are environmentally friendly? Consumers who value sustainability would love to know about it. These are just a few examples of brand values that your audience may identify with. 

Showcase Your Brand Values

Of course, consumers will not be able to identify with your brand values if they don’t know what they are. Consider the ways your audience may learn about your brand. From online advertisements to social media, there are plenty of ways to work your values into your brand awareness efforts. Be sure to feature your mission and values on your website. This way, when consumers do connect with your brand awareness campaigns, they have a chance to learn more about what your business stands for before setting foot in your store. 

Walk the Walk

Actions often speak louder than words. If your business doesn’t abide by its own brand values, consumers may see you as untrustworthy. Your brand values should be woven into every step along the customer journey, all the way through the sale and beyond. When you create a shopping experience that aligns with these values, your audience may begin to grow organically through word of mouth and positive reviews.

Wordstream reports that 70% of Generation Z consumers prefer brands that take a stand on social issues. This doesn’t mean that your brand needs to make big statements or take bold stances to thrive, but it’s an important statistic to keep in mind as more and more Gen Z shoppers enter your market. Consumers want to feel good about the brands they support. Why will they be proud to support your business?

Consumers have never had more choices, making it more essential than ever for your brand to stand out. Consider the insight above as you develop or update your branding to connect with a wider audience. When you need the guidance of an experienced team of marketing experts, we’re here to help.

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