Brand Consistency Essentials for Building Trust and Boosting Revenue

Brand Consistency

When your customers get to know your brand, they begin to develop a certain set of expectations. Whether they visit you in-store, read one of your e-mail newsletters, or interact with your business on social media, it’s critical that their customer experience is in line with those expectations. In fact, a 2019 report from Lucidpress shows that strong brand consistency can boost revenue by 33%. If you’re ready to build trust with your audience and increase sales, consider implementing these brand consistency essentials.

Write With a Consistent Tone

Tone has a major impact on the way consumers perceive your brand. When you publish an article, a social media post, or an e-mail newsletter, the language must complement the products or services you offer. If customers have a very professional experience when they visit your business, your brand’s online persona needs to match that level of professionalism. You need content that replicates the experience of interacting with your business in person, whether you craft that content yourself or hire a content writer. When we craft written content for clients in the premium and luxury appliance market, we aim to bring the same level of expertise that the reader would get from talking to a salesperson.  

Maintain Your Brand Aesthetic

Visually representing your brand online means more than just getting a logo made and slapping it on every social media post and website banner. In the age of advanced graphic design capabilities, consumers have come to gravitate towards brands whose visual assets are up to par. From your email newsletters to your business cards, a consistent color palette and style should be present. When customers see one of your assets, they should know just from the look that it’s yours. 

Establish a Style Guide

Maintaining a consistent aesthetic and tone will be a much easier task with a well-crafted style guide. This critical document will become your go-to reference for ensuring all print and digital assets are on brand. From proper logo placement instructions to editorial guidelines, a style guide can ensure that your audience receives the experience they come to expect from your brand each time.  

Repurpose Old Content

According to smallbizgenius, “it takes 5 to 7 impressions for people to remember your brand.” If your marketing materials are inconsistent with one another, it may take your audience even more impressions. Ensuring that every piece of content that you have published in the past is on brand is a crucial part of maintaining consistency. Maybe your business underwent a major rebrand or just tweaked its messaging at one point. Either way, that old content you published beforehand needs to be consistent with the new content or your audience will have a harder time connecting with and trusting your brand. 

While these steps may sound simple, properly executing them can take up significant time and resources. At Riley & You, we understand the value of brand consistency, but we are also aware that small businesses may not have the ability to reach their full marketing potential on their own. If you’re ready to work with a team of experts to create a more consistent experience for your audience, get in touch with us today. 

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