The Secret Weapon for Growth

Driving new business towards our clients has always been a top priority at Riley & You. We have seen clients grow consistently with double-digit increases, but we’ve also seen clients collapse under that same growth. We’ve noticed a common issue that leads to this decline, and it’s not easy to fix. But Riley & You have a secret weapon for you.

This is not just speculation, it really happened. We began marketing for a client whose growth was nearly flat. Within a year, we had them taking in so much new business that the strain began to show. Customers were pounding on their doors, but the percentage of complaints related to errors, lack of follow up, and poor customer service was reaching an alarming height. We slowed down a bit to uncover the issues and found that most of it was related to one of the more complex areas of a retail business – the sales team.

Our discovery process uncovered an outdated and poorly managed sales process along with a true lack of sales training. It was time to open the doors, blow the trumpets (maybe not quite that much pomp and circumstance), and release our secret weapon.

Within a year, we began rebuilding their sales process, assisting in hiring new sales staff, and preparing for a solid future of success. Our secret weapon behind all of this is our Sales Strategist. A sales leadership consultant and sales team trainer boasting over 20 years of experience with Fortune 500 companies guided our client to a complete turnaround in his team’s performance.

The bonus is that this type of program is about building a sustainable sales team model, not a “consult – motivate – wish you well” approach. Today, our client not only experiences the highest close rates we have ever seen, but the company has also redeveloped their culture with a very positive work environment based on the concept of team, accountability, and support in driving healthy, profitable business.

Sales is one of the keys to growth. Healthy, profitable, sustainable growth only happens when you learn to truly lead a sales team and watch them improve month-by-month with professional oversight, accountability, and behavioral training. The best part is seeing our client positive about the future and experiencing the best growth in the history of the company.

That is one of the reasons we love what we do. It’s fulfilling to see our clients not only succeed but thrive.

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