Brand Consistent Email: Why It Matters

You have heard about the wonders of email marketing and how having regular contact with your customers is important for nurturing your client base. According to, email marketing ranked as the best channel for overall ROI in a poll of over 1,100 client-side digital marketers and agency professionals, with 73% of respondents rating email as positive for overall ROI.

But where do you start and how do you make sure that you aren’t contributing to the spam epidemic? At Riley & You, we specialize in email marketing campaigns that make you look good and bring in business, not send it away.

Here are some questions you need to consider when you look at your latest email marketing campaign.

  • Does your email reflect your brand? Our Riley & You team looks at all the visual elements of your brand: the graphics, the colors, the logo. Any email that comes from your company is an extension of your brand and should be recognizable and familiar to your customers. Read this article to see if you have a strong online brand identity.
  • Does the tone of your email copy reflect your brand? If you are a family-friendly company, you need an email marketing campaign that matches the tone of your brand. You need content and information that will appeal to your target audience. We know how to craft a message so that your brand can be consistently represented in the look and the feel of the email.
  • Is your email marketing template consistent and recognizable? Of course, you want your email to stand out and be interesting, but once we find the right template, we stick with it so that your customers know what to expect from you and your brand. We know how to give you a unique, but consistent look.
  • Are your emails personalized to your customers and from a specific employee? A little touch can make a big difference and significantly increase your open rates. When a customer sees her name at the top of the email or the name of an actual employee, she feels a different connection to your brand.
  • What is your subject line? You have a limited amount of space to grab your audience’s attention. Our team of experts knows what to highlight in the content to increase your open and click-through rates.
  • Do you know your numbers? When we do an email marketing campaign, we know what numbers to watch for to gauge its success. We know how to interpret unsubs and open rates and which ones provide the most accurate information. But we don’t just read numbers, we immediately adjust content or approach to avoid repeating mistakes.

If your last email marketing campaign leaves you with more questions than answers, it’s time to call Riley & You. Let us help you craft emails that match your brand to bring you the most success, and you will start seeing an immediate return on your investment just like many of our clients.

Create a well-branded email marketing campaign. If you want an effective email marketing campaign that will reflect your company, our experts will manage and optimize each and every campaign to give you optimal results.

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