Who’s In Your Social Media Department?

The face of advertising is drastically changing, and traditional newspaper, radio, and television avenues are being slowly replaced by internet advertising. This focus is growing exponentially in the all-encompassing world of “social media.” Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram are just a few ways to reach your target audience. You already know how to post a status update, and you may be tempted to think that advertising on social media is just as simple. However, DIY social media management and advertising can lead to wasted time, money, and effort for your company.

When was the last time you felt knowledgeable about the newest platforms, changes in advertising policies, image size updates, trends, hashtags, and memes? By the time you catch up on all of the research, the standards change again. Social media needs to be addressed daily, which can draw your attention away from your customers and your staff. Because seven out of ten consumers are more likely to use a local business if it has information available on a social media site and 72% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, the need for thorough social media management and customer engagement is paramount to attracting your target audience and generating leads.

You can find several DIY social media options and plenty of “social media consultants/experts/mavens” out there. But do these companies understand your business, your customers, and your goals or are they offering a one-size-fits-all solution? And, once you sign up for their product, who is actually doing the work?

Only 12% of all small businesses have a dedicated full-time social media manager. This person is responsible for keeping up with the trends as well as engaging customers with posts and ads. But social media and online marketing aren’t one of many silos. To be truly effective, your company has to look at the bigger picture of marketing and brand management strategy. All of your communication efforts need to be integrated via a larger branding and messaging strategy that integrates all the pieces of your marketing plan. You want your customers to experience a unified experience, no matter how they encounter the brand.

Riley & You has an experienced staff that makes sure your company’s message does not become sloppy or incongruent. Our social media strategists and experts stay up-to-date on every nuance of the online world, and they understand the constant flux of the market. Riley & You can be your social media department, making sure that your business is on the forefront of trends, updates, and strategic target marketing strategies. When we see a trend that fits your marketing strategy and will help your business, we use that insight to make sure your online exposure and social media messages lead to finding new customers and creating brand champions for your business.

Most likely, your brand is already on social media. If you aren’t putting out a message, others are sending messages about your business. Do you know what they are saying? You can’t afford to lose any more time trying to figure out social media on your own. Let the experts at Riley & You become your social media department and help you take charge of the online messages your company is sending.

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