Brand Positioning in 4 Points

When you start a new company, there are many moving parts to consider. But one that can’t be overlooked is how you will brand your company. You know that this is important, but do you have the skills and the team who can make it happen? You probably have an idea for a logo or possibly even a trademark. But is that enough? It’s important to remember these 3 keys for a strong brand identity.

Your brand is more than a cool logo on a mobile friendly website. It’s the perception your audience has of your company. Your brand is your key to influencing purchasing behavior. Your brand is your ability to consistently create positive interactions with credibility and authenticity in order to build trust and loyalty from your audience. These are all the things that your logo should represent when it represents your brand identity.

At Riley & You, we sit with our clients and walk them through four different parts of brand positioning.

  1. Create a Positioning Statement: We use several key factors to determine how your company should be positioned and differentiated within the marketplace.
  2. Personality: The personality of your company determines how your company will behave and what will set it apart from your competitors. It also determines how you will leverage your most important asset: your people. Riley & You can help you find what makes your company unique.
  3. Support: In order to properly position your brand, we need to know why people should believe that your company can deliver what you promise. Why should they choose your company over another company? Why should they trust you?
  4. Aspiration/Objective: The Riley & You team asks you to describe what your business does and how it interacts with its most important audiences on its best day. This is where you define the vision for your company that goes beyond having a good product.

Once we know how to position your brand, we use Primary Branding Elements to create a strong brand identity. It’s essential for your brand to have an impactful logo and supporting graphics, cohesive photography and story, a tone of voice that fits your company, and so much more.

We also consider all of your Branding Touchpoints and how to maximize your budget. Our team can help you with traditional and digital advertising and manage social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We make sure your brand translates to your website and your packaging designs. Our team does everything from public relations to trade shows to co-branding.

You know how important it is to develop a strong brand identity at the start of your company. Let Riley & You walk you through all the steps to develop and execute a strong brand.

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