Why You Need More than One Version of Your Logo

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Logos created for Martin & Zerfoss

As business owners, most of us understand the paramount importance of having a professionally designed logo. A great logo is the cornerstone and hallmark of your business identity, but sometimes it can present visual problems when it’s used across multiple mediums. For instance, the logo may look beautiful on letterhead, but when uploaded to the company Facebook page, it gets cut off or shrinks so small that it’s virtually unreadable. Our company wanted to order customized pens one year; after hours of tinkering, we simply could not get the logo to “sit” right, so we went with magnets instead. Talk about frustrating!

You don’t have to be frustrated, though. When a logo is created by an experienced design company, those needs are anticipated from the beginning. The design company will spend very exclusive and allotted time on crafting and perfecting your logo, but that’s not the end. Once your main logo design is chosen, they will work that logo into several different-looking versions to be used for most any application you desire. Don’t have multiple versions of your logo? Not to worry. Even a current logo can be reworked to give your business the flexibility it needs when presenting itself across multiple media outlets.

Does your current logo need a makeover? We can help you by creating a flexible logo system to compliment your existing logo OR maybe it’s time for a new logo to reflect who your company is today.

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