The Benefits of Hiring a Designer Liaison

Designers attend event hosted by Friedman’s Appliances

The title “Designer Liaison” makes many people stop and ask the question, “What does a designer liaison do?” The answer is simple. They work with an appliance retailer to help build relationships with kitchen designers, builders, and cabinetry companies. A designer liaison schedules lunches with designers and builders to show appreciation to them for their business. They also schedule and promote events for customers and invite designers, so they can meet new clients and showcase their work. A designer liaison can be very beneficial to a retailer.

This seems like something that staff members at the appliance company could do. The difference between having a specific person in the role and putting a salesperson in charge of these tasks is priority. A sales person’s role is to sell appliances. They eat, sleep, and dream about how to make their next sale. A designer liaison doesn’t have that concern. Instead, a designer liaison is focused on how to cover all bases when planning an event. A salesperson would probably push inviting designers to an after-hours event at the store to #10 on their list of things to do, while selling appliances would be #1 on their list. A designer liaison, however, would make inviting designers a priority. There are many reasons for this different way of thinking. A salesperson doesn’t necessarily see the importance of inviting designers to the event and they’re too busy to take the time to do it. Their bread and butter are the sales they make. There’s not enough time in a sales person’s day to call and invite all the designers who send referrals. Plus it’s easy for them to forget to follow up on those invites because their mind is focused on getting more sales. This is where the designer liaison helps by handling all the details to make an event successful. Not only do they invite designers, but they also follow up with them to make sure they’re attending.

Lastly, it comes down to the bottom line, which is making money, of course. Companies want to increase sales. A designer liaison’s job may not seem like an important role when it comes to making sales, but it actually is. When a designer liaison plans events for designers, builders, and cabinetry companies, he/she is building a relationship with these clients. The designer liaison is creating events to show gratitude to them for the business they’ve referred to the appliance retailer. That’s what the clients are going to remember when they need to refer a new customer to a store. They’re going to remember the company that goes out of their way to appreciate their business. They’ll be inclined to send their customers to the appliance retailer because they know that they’ll show appreciation to the customers as well.

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