Working Smarter and Staying Ahead: Changes In Your Showroom

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This article is part of a series called Working Smarter and Staying Ahead featuring highlights from the annual KBIS Insights Breakfast presentation. Check out our previous post for Part 1

You know that your customer base is growing and changing, and the people coming into your appliance showroom reflect those changes. Recently KBIS shared research that identified four segments of your customer base:

  • Young Starters
  • Moving Ups
  • Mid-Life Made-Its
  • Older Next Phasers

You know they have different needs and respond differently when they walk into your showroom. According to the KBIS research, 86% of dealers have already made changes to their showrooms to reflect the changes in their customer base. When you understand those changes, you can customize your content and approach to meet their needs and ultimately make a sale.

Update Your Showroom

37% of dealers say they have updated or improved their displays in their showrooms. In order to accommodate the Young Starters and Moving Ups, 28% say they have brought in more contemporary styles, and 26% focus on bringing in more trending products.

Many dealers are moving away from traditional showroom layouts to smaller studio settings with organized samples, spaces for layouts, and computer terminals. A unique home and design are especially important for the Young Starters and the Moving Ups. If they can see an option they fall in love with in your showroom, it makes it much easier to make the sale. 

Review Your Product Mix

When it comes to products, dealers and designers are opting for different cabinet styles, different countertop materials, and different lighting options to showcase their products. They have also focused on bringing in more products with smart technology to appeal to the Moving Ups. The survey results reflect that customers are more interested in eco-friendly options, and dealers have made adjustments to add those features in their product line.

For the Young Starters, dealers show less expensive options while also maintaining their higher-end product line for the Mid-Life Made-Its. The Older Next Phasers are looking for the features of universal design and want to make sure their products will serve them no matter what their next phase looks like. 

Your Biggest Opportunity

One of the biggest insights from this research comes in realizing that focusing on the Mid-life Made-Its represents your biggest profit opportunity in the future. The Mid-life Made-Its want all the features of a fully custom kitchen, including high-end and specialized appliances. By focusing on this segment and their preferences you will also overlap with the Moving-Ups and the Older Next Phasers.

At Riley & You, we have over a decade of experience helping premium and luxury dealers adjust their showroom and their marketing for the high-end audience. Let’s start the conversation today about the changes you can make in order to grow your business!

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