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What one thing statistically predicts victory? Strategy. Few small business owners have the time to develop and execute smart growth strategies. But you’re in luck: we do. That’s our bread and butter. Below you’ll see unique solutions we’ve built and implemented for businesses from varying industries.


Strategic Expansion

CLIENT: Friedman’s Appliances
PROBLEM: Limited Growth in Builder Market / Outdated Presentation and Message
SOLUTION: Reach Out to New Audiences / Design a New Showroom and Presentation

Friedman’s had a solid track record of growth until the recession. The owner saw an opportunity to grow and expand Friedman’s offerings and reach. We decided to build additional pillars into the business so that when building and construction were off, retail and replacement business could pick up the drop in sales. We assisted them in moving to a new showroom with floor planning, interior signage, and exterior presentation. We improved their street presence, and, along with solid advertising and new messaging, foot traffic increased 60% over three years along with significant growth.

BONUS: We brought in our secret weapon in sales to help them as well. Our highly experienced sales and leadership consultant guided them through major changes in sales staff while seeing sales numbers go from a deficit in projections to a substantial increase over projections in just one year.

Brand Repositioning

CLIENT: Charlie Wilson’s Appliances
PROBLEM: Outdated Logo & Branding
SOLUTION: Brand Repositioning 

Charlie Wilson’s Appliances had been a Louisville family shopping tradition since 1953. Since their founding, the logo and brand had changed very little over the years. The company was ready to expand into a new market where they would be surrounded by heavy competition from national competitors such as Lowes, Home Depot, Best Buy, and H.H. Gregg. They wanted a new, fresh look, but still wanted to connect to their history and the brand that locals had come to love for generations.

We kept their signature red and swapped their cursive typeface for a more contemporary hand written style. Then we added the original tagline to show the longevity of this company in a local market. Once the logo was complete, a stationery package was created complete with business cards, letterhead, envelopes, and email signatures.

Integrated Campaigns

CLIENT: A-1 Appliance
PROBLEM: Mistaken Identity with High-end Consumers
SOLUTION: Growth Through Fresh Campaigns, Branding & Integrated Strategy 

From our first meeting, it was obvious that A-1’s product lines and staff were some of the finest and the owner wanted a stronger presence and look. We reworked their logo, built new messaging in ads, and helped their showroom became a high-end, unmatched presentation in retail. Our greatest impact in advertising was taking direct mail and turning it into dynamic, memorable advertising which increased foot traffic, changed consumers’ perception of A-1, and turned the company into thought leaders. Redesigns of trucks, building exterior, showroom signage and displays, advertising, email marketing, two website redesigns and more took them to a different level.

As a result, they not only increased sales but also increased sales per ticket substantially. It became a true collaboration between the leadership at A-1 and our team’s passion for the success of independent retailers.

BONUS: We garnered the support of manufacturers with a new program we called Co-Branding. We helped manufacturers recognize that the A-1 Appliance brand was just as important to the local consumer as their big national brand. Key manufacturers believed in the idea with additional support leading to greater growth.

Unique Online Promotions

CLIENT: Various
PROBLEM: Need for Strong Online Promotions
SOLUTION: Create Custom Dynamic Landing Pages (DLPs), Microsites to Integrate with PPC Campaigns

A good website gives your audience a general overview of who you are and what you offer. To speak directly to a specific group or to grow that audience, DLPs and Microsites are indispensable. At Riley & You, we use PPC advertising to reach your targeted audience and send those viewers to a custom page, built specifically for their eyes. This gives you the ability to communicate on a more personal note while relaying a wealth of information to potential, current, and past consumers. Reach your goals with custom DLPs and Microsites.

Identity Development

CLIENT: Symspire
PROBLEM: Brand New Company Launch
SOLUTION: Strategic Brand Creation & Implementation

Symspire was the culmination of three individual companies merging together: Interactive Solutions, A.C.E. Alarms, and DEC Electrical. While historically each company focused on a distinct and separate set of products and solutions, they wanted to unite their employees, customers, and solutions under one unique brand that will stand apart from others in their industry.

Through a series of strategic discussions, R&Y branding exercises, and market research, we invented a never-seen-before company name and created an entire branding system for the client. We built a whole new set of branded assets for the company ranging from logos to stationery, website to email marketing, social media, apparel, and much more.

Partnering with this company from the ground up was an incredible experience that we believe set the stage for healthy growth from day one and set the company up to be a long-term player in their industry.

Visual Storytelling

CLIENT: Merridee’s
PROBLEM: Outdated Look
SOLUTION: Rebuild the Brand and the Identity

Merridee’s has a fantastic story but no one really knew it. The ownership knew it was time for a solid update, but wasn’t sure of the direction it should go. We consulted carefully with the owner, reviewed the best of their past, and found a path for carving a fresh and updated look for their brand. How do you update a trusted, small-town favorite that delivers a dynamic set of food products and classic customer experience every day? We encouraged the owner to invest in new photography and big messages about their food which drives the look and feel of Merridee’s today.

Atmosphere is tricky to present and even more important to maintain amidst big chains who attempt to look and feel like they are homegrown. Merridee’s has their own look and fresh style, and sometimes you might even think their look is from some stock photography. Fortunately their food is from scratch, and the photography is all original and all Merridee’s.

Our Strategies Often Include:

  • Advertising
  • Blogs
  • Brand Management
  • Co-Branding
  • Commercials
  • Direct Mail
  • E-Mail Marketing
  • Logos
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Online Marketing
  • Print & Digital Media
  • Promo Products
  • Radio Ads
  • Sales Coaching
  • Social Media
  • Websites