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Our clients know what it’s like to celebrate success. You are about to see real-life outcomes we’ve achieved for a variety of clients because they trusted us with the game plan. What results could your company experience?

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50% increase

in sales amidst a 30% decrease in sales team

Industry: Insurance
Area: Marketing and Sales Team Development
Challenge: The client wanted to grow through more advertising but we redirected their efforts as we perceived they were spending too much time and money on sales people who weren’t effective.

Riley Result: Within one year, the client reduced their sales personnel by 30% and simultaneously increased their sales by 50%. Riley helped the client refocus their efforts on equipping top sales professionals with custom resources and more effective sales tools. The top performers increased sales quickly which weeded out the low performers and gave the client a new focus on what drives the business.


in additional co-op marketing funds

Industry: Appliance Retail
Area: Funding
Challenge: Manufacturers offer a limited amount of co-op funds for our clients’ marketing budgets.

Riley Result: Over a period of six years, Riley has garnered an additional, cumulative amount of over $400,000 in co-op funds for three of our retail clients. These are funds secured above and beyond accrued funds. The expanded funds substantially increased our clients’ overall marketing budgets and reach, driving new sales on their most profitable brands.

1 email blast

delivered the foot traffic of a $15,000 campaign

Industry: Retail
Area: Email Advertising
Challenge: The client wanted to promote a sales event to boost sales quickly but our  time was limited and we needed to entice the right audience.

Riley Result: Riley constructed a solitary custom email blast that generated the same sales result as a $15,000 advertising campaign. Cost to the client for the email blast was under $1000 causing very strong foot traffic to his showroom for two straight weeks and resulting in a ridiculous ROI.

4000% Increase

in Facebook likes in 1 year

Industry: Retail
Area: Social Media
Challenge: The client was stuck at 100 “likes” on Facebook and largely undervalued the power of their social media presence.

Riley Result: The client gained almost 4,000 new “likes” within their target geography and demographic on Facebook in less than a year as a result of Riley’s custom social media campaign. The campaign created engaged Facebook users and increased website referral traffic.

15% decrease

in advertising budget and a 27% increase in sales

Industry: Retail
Area: Advertising Budget
Challenge: The client wanted to maximize their limited advertising budget.

Riley Result: Based on a well-conceived, annual advertising plan, Riley decreased the advertising budget by 15% while concurrently increasing foot traffic substantially to achieve a 27% increase in sales.

46% increase

in sales in 1 year

Industry: Retail
Area: Sales Program
Challenge: Despite prior consistent increases in advertising and foot traffic, the client was in a 20% decline in sales. 

Riley Result: Riley brought in their sales strategist to rework the client’s sales team and sales program. Within two years there was a complete transition of the sales team  – adding strong performers and moving them to a new sales philosophy, more detailed performance metrics, and regular accountability and sales training sessions. In one year the client transformed from a 20% loss to a 26% increase in sales – a 46% net increase overall – by restructuring their sales program and sales team.