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Retail Is Different Now

COVID has fundamentally changed your customer’s expectations. You need to be recalibrating your customer experience and your marketing to meet these new expectations. The premium appliance dealers who will thrive post-COVID are the ones who aren’t afraid to adapt. Sign up for our Premium Appliance Marketing newsletter for insights on how we help clients move towards the next normal.

Insights for High-End Dealers

Having spent the last 11 years helping premium and luxury appliance dealers grow, we have a lot of experience to share. Our Premium Appliance Newsletter features insights and ideas written just for high-end dealers. Not on our list? You can sign up here.

If You’ve Got It, Flaunt It: Showcase Your Expertise With B2B Content Marketing

Being a Thought Leader

We recently added several new writers to our team, and in doing so, we were very intentional in seeking out talent with a deep understanding of kitchen and interior design. One of them was even a kitchen designer in their previous professional life. Doing this brought full circle the concept we have been pushing independent dealers to embrace for years: your content should reflect your expertise to your audience.
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Beyond the Showroom: Rethinking Luxury and Premium Selling

Adapting To Change

Before the spring of 2020, your showroom was a key part of your sales model. Appliance dealers used their funds to host events and draw people in to see their products in person. Manufacturers used the direct connections that come with showroom events to build their brands. The last year has brought about a paradigm shift.
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Appliance Gallery: A Case Study

Business Strategies That Work

Appliance Gallery in Dayton, OH, served luxury homeowners and builders in the area for over 30 years. Like many local, independent dealers, they served two primary audiences: custom home builders and high-end homeowners. However, their presence was mostly unknown. They needed greater exposure—beyond local magazine and newspaper ads—to reach a new level of growth.
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Most Appliance Dealers Follow One Of Two Plans

One-Size-Fits-All Plan

Too many high-end dealers rely on ad resources provided by appliance manufacturers and marketing groups. While it is convenient and easy, most of these promotions are focused on price-points. It’s the wrong message for a high-end buyer, and it minimizes your expertise and the premium and luxury products you offer.

The Piecemeal Approach

You might have one vendor purchasing your online advertising, another managing your social media, and someone else taking care of your print and your branding. With such a fragmented approach, your messages aren’t consistent. High-end customers will find it hard to understand your value, much less be compelled to visit your showroom.

There’s A Better Way

Premium and luxury dealers can grow their high-end business by aligning their message across channels and focusing on promotions that highlight how premium and luxury appliances enhance a homeowner’s lifestyle.

We specialize in helping premium and luxury appliance dealers grow their high-end business. The team at Riley & You has over a decade of experience building custom strategies, developing and managing dealer brands, and executing successful marketing plans for premium appliance dealers.

Bob Bailey

Bob Bailey's Appliance Brand Book

This custom booklet is targeted to builders, interior designers, and homeowners. Designed to present the best of what Bob Bailey’s has to offer, the piece showcases the premium brands available, as well as customer testimonials and the store’s history.

Bob Bailey's Brand Book
Bob Bailey's Brand Book
Distinctive Appliances

Distinctive Appliances Website

This brand new website was developed for an Atlanta-area dealer. The site – and the new branding it showcases – was crafted to reflect their status as a boutique luxury appliance dealer. Featuring bold, beautiful imagery, the site is targeted at an audience shopping for a lifestyle, and not just a product.

Distinctive Appliances Website showing on a laptop
Distinctive Appliances Website showing on a laptop
Friedman's Appliances

Friedman's Appliances Integrated Campaigns

By integrating print and online for a powerful reach into high-end homes, Friedman's Appliances' campaigns are designed to show-off their strengths and luxury brands. Every premium direct mail piece, email newsletter, blog article, and social media post highlights the latest styles, trends, and appliance innovations for the home.

Friedman's Appliances Integrated Campaign
Friedman's Appliances Integrated Campaign

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Russell at Friedman's Appliances

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Whether it’s Facebook, Google Ads, Direct Mail or simply marketing strategy, Riley & You is my team. I give Riley & You my annual marketing budget and each year they create a written plan that totally allocates the budget. It’s always well thought out and maximized for impact per dollar spent. And once it’s finalized, they execute the plan all while staying in budget. I couldn’t have a better arrangement even if I had someone working on this full time. I owe Riley & You a great deal for the work they’ve done for us.

– Russell Greer, CEO of Friedman’s Appliances

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