Our Culture

We Are Not Your Typical Agency

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We are a team of experts.

What happens when individual experts come together as a team? Their talents and collective years of experience merge to create an ecosystem of great cooperation, acumen, proficiency, and productivity every single day.


We are a semi-virtual company.

Our team members work in a combination of office and home settings, leveraging cloud-based tools that create an efficient online workplace no matter where they may be.


We are all about family.

We put a high priority on fully-engaged and honest relationships, both at work and on the home front. That’s why employees’ families are included in our staff cookouts, free childcare is provided during staff meetings, and personal prayer requests are taken before every team meeting. It’s even why you’ll see occasional conflict when we’re brainstorming as a team. It’s all part of building the kind of relationships that contribute to a healthy life.


We love giving back.

Helping others and the world around us is a value at the heart of our company. Every staff member is given a bank of paid volunteer hours to use each year with an organization or community need of their choice. We organize team efforts to serve others in our local communities. We partner with our clients and Samaritan’s Purse® each year to help people in the poorest countries across the world. What about within our own team? You bet. We rally together and serve one another when a staff member faces difficult times.

We’re always looking for great people to join our team. Does this sound like a good fit for you? Let us know.