Ease Backorder Concerns with These Positive Talking Points

positive talking points about backorders

At this point, most customers understand that supply chain issues will have an impact on the delivery schedule for new appliances. But they still may not be prepared for the reality of current timelines for high-end brands. With home improvement industry growth at “about 28% over a two-year span from 2020 through last year” it’s important to constantly reassess how you’re discussing backorders with clients.  

As with other difficult topics, how you frame backorder issues can make the difference between a negative or positive interaction with clients. Equipping your staff and your trade partners with the right talking points and solutions for these challenges should already be a part of your process. However, with nearly two years of ongoing backorder issues behind us, the way you present them to your clients should have evolved. Below are a few common design situations in which backorders may impact your clients along with some positive talking points and responses that you can offer. 

SITUATION: Backorders are impacting nearly every high-end brand and delays of up to a year are not out of the question.

Positive Talking Points: 

  • We are here to help you find the very best appliances for your project and your timeline.
  • Having your appliances already selected and ordered means your designer can integrate all the correct specs into your design from the very beginning, reducing the potential of other delays.

Here’s what you could say: Select and order your appliances as soon as you commit to a kitchen project. Let your designer know exactly what products you’ve ordered (or have them contact us directly if you’d rather). With appliance selections locked in early on, you’ll have one less thing to worry about throughout the building or remodeling process. 

SITUATION: Availability across products for a single manufacturer can vary. Trying to order a package or a matching set of appliances can increase the potential for delays. 

Positive Talking Points: 

  • Packages are a popular option but looking beyond them can allow for more customization in your design. 
  • Different brands offer their own exclusive features in their appliances, and a range from one brand may suit your culinary interests just as much as a refrigerator from another brand may meet your family’s storage needs. 

Here’s what you could say: Start by identifying the specific features that are important to you, then we can help you build a kitchen with appliances that are chosen specifically to fit your lifestyle and how you use your kitchen. With so many design customization options to choose from across different brands, you may find that a mix of brands will get you closer to your aesthetic vision as well.

SITUATION: Some of the longest backorders are for the most well-known and sought-after brands.

Positive Talking Points: 

  • There are several high-end brands that have had less demand over the last year due to name recognition, which often means they have more product availability. 
  • If you go with a lesser-known brand, you may still get the features and style you are looking for without having to wait as long for delivery. 

Here’s what you could say: Be open-minded about brand names and it will be much easier for us to help you find the perfect appliances for your kitchen. If you do have your sights set on appliances from a well-known brand, let us guide you towards a brand with appliances that are more readily available but still offer the high-end quality and features you desire.  

Your clients will likely see backorders in a negative light, but they don’t have to. This year, set yourself apart from competitors by weaving the talking points above into your discussions about delays. Your clients will appreciate the insight and positivity, and they may decide to purchase from an alternative brand or even stick with their original purchasing plan.

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