Working Smarter and Staying Ahead: Adjusting Your Strategy for a Changing Market

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This article is the final piece in a series called Working Smarter and Staying Ahead featuring highlights from the annual KBIS Insights Breakfast presentation. Check out our previous posts for Part 1Part 2, and Part 3.

You know that your customer base is growing and changing, and at Riley & You, we want to help you work smarter and stay ahead of these trends. Our team of experts is at work to help you develop and adjust your marketing strategies so that your business can continue to grow. 

KBIS recently shared research with insights on how you can work smarter and stay ahead. They surveyed 279 dealers and designers in order to identify overall trends in the current market. Designers and dealers are already making adjustments to their strategies, and this was reflected in the research. 

New Strategies

Businesses are adopting new strategies in order to meet the needs of their changing customer base, and 66% said they are using technology more. Half of them have also adjusted their messaging or marketing strategy.

Incorporating Technology

30% of the dealers and designers are now using design software in 3D or virtual reality. Around 20% are using more social media and using better graphics, presentations, and videos. Businesses are also using more digital customer communication and more computers and tablets in their showrooms. Since the global pandemic, more digital communication and access to computers have only increased in importance and many companies are figuring out how to offer customers a virtual showroom experience.

Shifts in Marketing Plans

Based on this survey, 60% of the companies are using different marketing and media platforms. Over half are also using a different lifestyle emphasis, different messaging, and emphasizing different services in order to appeal to the different segments of their customer base. About 43% have decided to emphasize different products. Many are using more social media platforms and moving from print resources to a more digital focus.

At Riley & You, marketing is what we do. We know how to maximize social media platforms, develop messaging, and create content that will connect you with your customers so that your business can grow. We want to be your marketing department so that you can focus on running your business.

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