Working With Designers: Making the Right Match Inside Your Sales Team is Crucial

Designer working with color palette

Having provided marketing services to premium appliance dealers for over a decade, we’ve met and worked with many sales professionals over the years. Inside the appliance showroom, team members often earn a reputation for their different strengths. One we are commonly asked about is designer relationships. “How do I know which salesperson can really manage and nurture our relationships with key designers?” Our perspective may surprise you.

Designers Are Creative Souls

It’s easy to perceive designers as distracted by all the ideas flying around in their heads. Designers are usually very extroverted and social, so you might be tempted to pair them with your most outgoing and boisterous team member, thinking if they click socially, the business will follow. But in actuality, that is far from the truth.

Designers are no different from independent business owners in many other industries. Some have developed larger teams, while others prefer to fly solo and stay laser-focused on creating wonderfully personalized homes for their clients. But when you begin to pay attention to the designer jobs flowing through your showroom, you’ll notice something different. Under all the flash and style of the creative soul is a very focused business owner.

Finding The Right Match

To handle large kitchen and design projects with near-flawless execution requires a highly-organized professional. The most sought after designers in your community have built a reputation for excellence and consistency that rivals their desire to be known for great design.

Careful management of these steps and clear communication will lead to a bulletproof relationship between appliance professionals and designers.

The best appliance professional partner for these designers will be able to deliver an experience that matches their expectations for stylish design and organization. Thorough paperwork and an attentive ear in the showroom are just the first steps. Each follow-up call or visit needs to be documented in order to ensure accuracy. Specs should be reviewed carefully and site visits prior to installation are a must. Delivery schedules need to be communicated quickly and accurately with any final changes clearly noted. Careful management of these steps and clear communication will lead to a bulletproof relationship between appliance professionals and designers.

Success For Everyone

The beauty of this situation is that once you establish a solid relationship with a designer, the benefit is mutual: for your business, for the designer, and for the clients. And when designers and their clients are happy, referrals for your showroom continue to come in.

If you’re trying to develop a partnership with a new designer, or you need to shore up an existing relationship, don’t let the friendly showroom banter get in the way of making a smart business decision. Your best bet is tapping your most detail-oriented salesperson to handle the relationship.

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