New Idea: Implementing Video Appointments

Video Conference

When you think about how to navigate the retail experience with customers while following the guidelines for social distancing, you have to consider things that are out of the box. Now might be the time to look at video appointments. 

We just walked through this process with one of our premium dealers as they navigate these uncharted waters. They understand that limited store hours and customers not feeling comfortable visiting the showroom is on the horizon. You can be a progressive player in your market by giving your customers and builder clients options when they need to shop. We all know that much of the time a salesperson spends with a client involves guiding the client to the appliances that fit their budget, lifestyle, and kitchen layout. Since the showroom experience is in the hands of the sales professional anyway, taking the leap to a video appointment is not unthinkable. 

We have separated the idea into two video conference or “video appointment” formats. 

  • If you are just walking through the quotes with a client and showing them options, use a laptop so you can screen share different elements with the client. 
  • If the customer is ready to select appliances or needs guidance on appliance options, use a tablet or your smartphone. This maximizes your mobility within the showroom. While this may seem awkward at first, getting on this train now will help your team move even faster to keep clients on track with single-piece purchases or their new kitchen. is one of the easiest video conference tools to use and there’s even a free version. We recommend that you have your sales team break up into groups of two and begin trialing this process. Simple things like navigating the dashboard during the call, knowing how to position your device to maximize the customer’s experience and remembering to end the meeting once it is completed, you want to get as comfortable with the platform as you can before you begin.

We are passionate about the success of the premium appliance retailer. Our hope is to continue to give you ideas and concepts that can help every independent dealer survive and thrive in the challenging days ahead.

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