Smart Marketing for Smartphones: 5 Essential Aspects of Mobile-Friendly Marketing


It only takes a few minutes to look around and see that mobile devices are becoming increasingly central to our modern lives. The Pew Research Center, a nonprofit organization that studies topics such as media, science, and technology, announced in late 2015 that 68% of all Americans have smartphones. You won’t be surprised to know that 86% of young adults have smartphones, but you may be surprised to know that 83% of individuals age 30-49 also own a smartphone.

You can see that your target audience probably has a smartphone, and these mobile devices are also replacing computers. The number of adults who own a laptop or desktop has dropped from 88% in 2010 to 78% in 2015. This is a trend you can’t ignore when you are setting up your online advertising.

At Riley & You, we want to help you make sure your marketing is mobile-friendly so that you don’t miss out on reaching potential clients on the go. Here are five things to remember when looking at your online advertising.

  1. Social Media – What are you asking people to do with your posts? Does it make sense in a mobile world? For example, if you are asking them to take a survey online, is the online survey set up for mobile devices or is it best if viewed on a laptop? In addition, a new report from Informate Mobile Intelligence found that Americans are checking their social media sites 17 times per day one average. That’s at least once every hour. Your consumers are using social media and the question is: are you using social media to keep your brand in front of them?
  2. Email – Statistics from emailmonday suggest that 15 to 70% of your email opens will happen on a mobile device. Are the emails that you are sending out easy to view on a mobile device?
  3. Graphics – Because of our fast-paced society, pictures and videos can communicate your message even faster than text. When you use them on your sites, you know that they look great on a desktop, but did you check to see what they look like on a mobile device? Do you know the mobile safe size parameters for graphics? Our Riley & You experts do, and they know how to make your company look great on any device.
  4. Websites – Is your site optimized for mobile viewing? When you post links, are you linking to mobile-friendly content? If you have a call to action with a form, it must be short and mobile friendly.
  5. PPC advertising – People are searching on the go. Is your advertising mobile-friendly? We can create mobile-specific ads with social media and Google advertising that target specific audiences and give your brand a place in the mobile world.

Now step away from your desktop or your laptop and see how your company looks on your mobile device. If you find that your brand doesn’t look the way you want it to, then Riley & You can help. Our team of marketing experts understands the importance of creating promotions that are mobile-friendly, and we have the know-how to help you produce graphics, websites and advertising that work no matter where your clients access your content.