Why Photography is the #1 Marketing Asset

Waterstone exterior for Harvest Construction
Waterstone exterior for Harvest Construction


Creating marketing and advertising products for new brands, product launches and campaigns can turn into a never-ending list. A new brand alone includes logos, an identity system, website, presentation materials, promotional items…the list goes on and on. As one might imagine, the question always asked by our clients is “What marketing product brings the most value and the best return on investment?”

The first question that business owners should ask themselves before investing in marketing and advertising products is “What do I actually do with the products created?” If owners tend to jump on a bandwagon or get attracted by shiny marketing products, then they might fall into the trap of approving the creation of marketing products without a plan on how to leverage them well. This type of approach is one of the biggest issues we see with clients and simply put, they have a waste problem along with a poor planning problem and their ROI on Advertising has nothing to do with the effectiveness of the product itself. The bottom line – get a plan put together long before investing in anything used in advertising.

The Gate interior for Harvest Construction
The Gate interior for Harvest Construction

As we look back over the past years of serving clients, we actually see two types of top assets that have a #1 rating for use. The first is obvious, your logo and your brand is the #1 foundational asset. This is a foundational asset that drives everything you do. You have to have a strong logo in place that not only looks good, but is relevant, conveys your image properly and functions well in a variety of situations. There is no greater waste of time and money than investing in complex products like websites without reviewing the strength of your logo and brand first.

Once the logo and brand are in place, clients tend to want a website and other resources to be in place. However, one of the top assets overlooked in these efforts is professional photography. We rank professional photography as the #1 best used asset in all that we do for our clients. Photography doesn’t deliver Google reports, doesn’t have analysis tied to it and can’t directly sell and close a business deal, yet it delivers so much value in so many aspects of marketing and advertising that we’ve got to shout out the value of it.

Blueberry Pie for Merridee’s Breadbasket

Professional photography has the word “professional” in it for a reason. While the internet can utilize and leverage many different kinds of photography, both amateur and professional, true photography used in every aspect of advertising comes from a dedicated professional. Advertising quality is demanding and you have to take your message seriously. A well-planned photo shoot of your staff and employees, a project you completed, a building you were involved in or a product you just launched will say everything about the quality of what you do.

Icing the Chocolate Chip Pecan Pastry at Merridee’s.


Professional photography’s greatest strength is diversity. We can take one great photo of a client’s work and use that in a website home-page image, banner ads, Facebook page, LinkedIn profiles, print materials, billboards, presentation boards, digital presentations, large pictures for a board room or front office and interior signage in retail. We leverage photos in every way possible and if the photography is well-planned, the message it conveys can have a very long shelf life.

The next time you pause to ask yourself where to invest your marketing and advertising dollars, you’ll find the best use of your money is in professional photography. It will allow you to promote your business in so many ways and since it’s on hand, you can move fast and catch those business opportunities immediately. Create a tremendous message of quality and integrity in all you do and move faster than any competitor you face.

Chris Riley
Owner of Riley & You, Riley Appliance Marketing